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Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE SpA, is a joint stock company, whose unique shareholder is GSE SpA, which develops research in electro-energy, with particular focus to the strategic national projects of general public interest, financed by the Italian Electricity System Research Fund (Fondo per la Ricerca di Sistema) of the Italian Economic Development Ministry.

RSE, thanks to the experience of its researchers and national and international scientific relations, implement joint activities with the system of central and local public administration, with the production system, in its broadest articulation, with the associations and clusters of small and medium-sized businesses and consumer groups.

RSE promotes and fosters the professional development by promoting every opportunity to support the conduct of training and dissemination activities related to research topics carried out. The research and development is carried out for the entire energy supply chain in an applications and experimental view, ensuring the consistent continuation of research in progress and the development of new initiatives, both organically and in response to external and market demands.

RSE has a human capital that represents a unique heritage of expertise and experience, whose support is a necessary condition to allow the development of innovation policies in an area of enormous importance for the national economy such as energy is.

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  • GSE SpA
  • GME SpA
  • AU SpA
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