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Articolo RSE 14000788

Voltage Dips on MV Network due to Storm Phenomena


AEIT, vol. N. 4/5 , pp. 38-41, Aprile/Maggio-2014.

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R. Chiumeo (RSE SpA) , C. Gandolfi (RSE SpA) , L. Tenti (RSE SpA)

T&D 2014 - Transmission and distribution of the electric energy

Referring to both the voltage dips monitored on the Italian distribution network and the storm cells identified by the system named STAF (Storm, Track, Alert and Forecast), temporal and geographical correlations have been carried out, confirming the influence of storm phenomena on the voltage dips numerousness, regardless of their origin.

Previous analysis on the impact of lighting activity on the numerousness of voltage dips in MV networks have pointed out that this parameter can account only partly for the events monitored by the QuEEN system on the Italian network. 

Starting from the hypothesis that the numerousness of these events could be due not as much to the number of strokes rather than to the storm phenomena  as a whole (wind conditions, humidity etc. ), temporal and geographical correlation have been performed between voltage dips and the storm cells identified by the STAF system (Storm, Track, Alert and Forecast),a system oriented to alarms emission in case of storm in predetermined areas. The analysis has confirmed that the number  of voltage dips, regardless of their origin, is influenced by the storm phenomena as a whole.