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Rapporto RSE 18002367

A methodology for the assessment of the capability of gas storage reservoirs to operate in overpressure regime


The two-year study was carried out with the aim of identifying a methodology for establishing thesuitability of reservoirs for natural gas storage to operate under an overpressure regime with respect tothe pressure present at the discovery of the reservoir itself. This would make available considerableadditional volumes of working gas that would improve the availability during the maximum gas demandand face more effectively critical situations linked to unfavorable weather conditions and to politicalcrises with some difficulties for gas foreign supply of which Italy is strongly dependent.

The research followed two principal lines as:
a) collection of geological information for the gas storagereservoirs and b) identification of multicriteria software to verify the suitability of reservoirs to operatein a overpressure regime.

The analysis of gas storage reservoirs allowed to identify a set of geological features belonging to fivegroups of data: caprock, reservoir rock, dimensions, geology and deep wells and these data arefundamental for suitability analysis. The geological research focused on the six projects presented to thecompetent administrative Authorities and the information collected were satisfactory to implement theanalysis only for two reservoirs.

Two different software tools have been identified for multicriteria approach and the Analytic HierarchyProcess has been applied to Sergnano and Ripalta reservoirs in Lombardia region (North Italy).