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Article RSE 16001231

A Bilevel Programming approach to solve the European ahead market clearing problem with blocks and complex orders


Journal of the European Ceramic Society , vol. 36, pp. 1679-1690, Febbraio-2016.

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F. Cernuschi (RSE SpA) , C. Rinaldi (RSE SpA), F. Drago (RSE SpA) , C. Lenardi (Università degli studi di Milano), P. Rosa (Università degli studi di Milano), C. Meneghini (Università di Roma TRE), M. Merlini (Università degli studi di Milano), M. Brisotto (Università degli Studi di Brescia)

INDUSTRIA 2016 - Energy efficiency in industrial sector

The main results of an experimental activity aimed at characterizing the phenomena and the extent of the degradation of two perovskites materials potentially usable for the realization of membranes for the separation of oxygen are presented.

The Barium (BSCF) and Lanthanum (LSCF) strontium cobalt–ferrite, are among the most studied mixedionic electronic conducting materials having interesting properties as Oxygen Transport Membranes. Inthis paper the two materials are analysed after long term aging at high temperatures and permeationtests. Several characterisation techniques are used to understand degradation mechanisms. S urface layerswere analysed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: LSCF is stable, while on BSCF a thin layer of carbon-ates forms. Quantitative synchrotron radiation diffraction measurements of hexagonal phase content inaged BSCF allows determining Avrami coefficients at 780, 800 and 820◦C. This process is associated tothe enrichment of Fe in the regions of grains near the lamellar hexagonal phase, as WDS maps show.Bulk measurements of X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) and the analysis of the Co2p dou-blet in XPS spectra confirm a reduction of Co ions oxidation number after long time at intermediate temperatures.

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