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Report RSE 16001900

Integrazione sistema elettrico-sistema idrico: stato dell’arte



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E. Garofalo (RSE SpA) , A. Gargiulo (RSE SpA), L. Mancusi (RSE SpA), D. Airoldi (RSE SpA)

SCENARI 2015 - Analysis and electrical scenarios, energy, environmental


This report presents the results of the analysis carried out on the state of the art relatively to the waterenergy nexus and finalized, for this first period of research, to define a framework of data and methodologies for the development of future research activities.

The major studies on this theme conducted by the international organizations, the European policies and initiatives in progress were considered. The analysis highlighted the great attention paid by institutions, industry and scientific community to the problem of the increasing number of situations of water scarcity and to the possible impact of this issue on different sectors of the economy, included energy.
Between the two aspects of the water-energy nexus, the water use in the electricity sector was first investigated, referring to the main available statistics in order to frame the problem in general terms, as well as analysing in a critical way the methodologies for the evaluation of the so-called water footprint.

Considering the energy use in the water sector, after having defined the actual status of the integrated water service on the national territory, the electricity consumption of the national water service, classified by stages of the water cycle and geographical areas, was estimated through the combination of statistical and literature data.

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