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Final report RSE 17000455

Project MON4-GRID: Management, monitoring and control of the Distribution Network. Synthesis Report of 2016

The paper presents the synthesis of the results achieved in the research aimed at studying and developing and using innovative management, monitoring and diagnostic techniques for transmission networks in order to evaluate its performance, including in relation to environmental conditions and the decisive influence they have on the network.

This document provides a summary of the main results of the activities in the annual period PAR 2016 of the project "Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid".

The document is divided into an introductory chapter which illustrates the principle of national and international research programs, and the main objectives of the three-year project, which is followed by the description of the project structure. The report shows the key results, the objectives and reasons for the research and development phases thereof, and a brief summary of the activity carried out in the previous PAR. Then follows a brief description of the activities in the work of research groups and standardization at national and international level.

The action of dissemination of knowledge has been practiced continuously through the publication of articles and conference presentations, for details, see the concluding chapter.

The overall objective of the project is the study, and the development and use of innovative management techniques, monitoring and diagnosis of transmission networks, in order to assess the operating performance, including also the relation to environmental conditions and to the decisive influence these have on the network.

In particular the main activities are relevant to:

Insulators pollution
• LANPRIS station for testing and ageing of polimer insulator or with coatings of different types (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antistatic, auto-catalysts, etc.) for alternate current applications: the report describes the finalization of civil works , installation of sample insulators (of different typology) and start-up of measurements with the RSE monitoring system. 
• AMICO DC device: the report describes field installation at Terna's LANPRIS station and the startup of measurements. The design and preliminary experimentation of a device prototype that can measure the conductivity of the contaminating layer on surfaces that are related to those of small diameter ceramic insulators and with low voltage electrodes. 
• Mapping of the level of contamination of air insulation in the national territory: for the activity it is illustrated the realization of an RSE-TERNA workshop, with the participation of TERNA operators from the Plant Units of the whole Italian territory, in which to illustrate how to realize the new mapping (with presentation and distribution of information material). Following this, the insulator chains were installed in more than 200 sites identified by RSE, the initiation of contaminant pickups and their analysis at RSE laboratories. 
• Monitoring the level of contamination and degradation of line and station insulators and conducting laboratory tests of insulation degradation from lines and stations: continuous activity with data analysis from installed surface monitoring systems in high voltage stations and lines for the purpose of comparing the degradation over time due to the aggressiveness of the environment and the action of solar irradiation of the adopted mitigation solutions adopted.

Sensors and measuring devices
• Experimentation of the pre-engineered system for field voltage measurement on live components (LST), by TERNA personnel, at the Terna-Viverone test station on insulators in the presence of conductive defects . 
• Accelerated aging of a paper-oil insulating system of a transformer: definition of cycle characteristics and laboratory setup for comparison between traditional and electrical methodologies and non-traditional optics. 
• Development of online component network monitoring optical sensors: implementation of new sensor platforms with high performance in terms of dynamics and signal / noise ratios; optimization and systematization of the process of processing the optical platform and the sensitive interface with the polymeric and functionalized film. 
• Capacitive field sensor: feasibility study of an electric field capacitive sensor for the partial discharge relief to be integrated into a medium voltage coupling 
• System prototype for continual landline track monitoring of air lines: Realization of a discrete component configuration of the system for technical measurement validation. Sensitivity checks and measurements repeatability.

• Development of corona simulation code: code consolidation, refurbishment of reference chemical databases, and comparison of electronic diffusion data with experimental data. Testing DC Case Testing Databases. 
• Development of partial discharge simulation code: Preliminary analysis of the new algorithms to be implemented and first experimental validation tests with an isolated defect. 
• Polyethylene aging chemical modelling: first develop chemical models of aging of polymeric materials: chemical modelling in gaseous phase to balance.

• Design and implementation of the electro-optical field sensor: prototyping, assembling and a first phase of testing of the electric field vector (VIKTOR) sensor capable of detecting impulsive fields with very high frequency content.  • Development of transparent and conductive visor masks for live protection devices: manufacture of prototypes for facial masks and their AT test laboratory in complete conductive suits. Shielding measures made with optical and dielectric electric field sensors (lithium niobate). Presentation of results at international level. 
• Eye safe system for airline lead ground measurement: field testing on terna's test fields in terna to viverone and performance verification. introducing software modifications to increase contrast in backlight conditions.

Life cycle assesment  
• Guidelines for LCA analysis of electrical network components in the Italian context: Guideline definition for LCA components for power grids. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) of electricity production in Italy. Definition of methodology and calculation tool for the reconstruction of the combustion-technology mix

Metrology  
• Modeling and metrological characterization of inductive voltage transformers in comparison to harmonics: conducting preliminary research activities to test the ODE-based model. 
• Methodologies and instruments for calibration verification or field calibration and high voltage measurement of energy measurement chains: continuation of the medium-term stability test of the metrological characteristics of the LiOnHV equipment for the verification of the " accuracy of voltmeter transformers for energy measurements. 
• Creating a Stand-Alone Merging Unit (SAMU) prototype: preliminary design of a Stand-Alone Merging Unit with advanced features.


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