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Report RSE 17001824

Smartainability: from national to European context



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P. Girardi (RSE SpA) , R. Marazzi (RSE SpA), A. Temporelli (RSE SpA)

SMART CITIES 2016 - Smart cities e smart communities


Smartainability methodology is created to ex-ante evaluate the sustainability of smart cities’ innovative solutions. This need, common in many realities, was analysed for the first time in the Expo Milano 2015 Digital Smart City. Thanks to the first methodology application it was possible to evaluate possible benefits generated by innovative technologies deployed within the universal exposition site.

Smartainability methodology allows to realize an ex-ante evaluation of possible benefits achievable with innovative technologies deployed within an urban district or a whole city.

Benefits quantification is realized evaluating the performance difference between new technologies and traditional ones which will be replaced.

Thanks to Smartainability is possible to analyse technological solutions enabling smart functionalities which can improve environmental, economic and social conditions within urban districts.

The present report deals with the methodology , after with the first application on the Expo Milano 2015 digital smart city, and the following methodology guidelines writing.

Smart cities evaluation theme is very current and consequently rapidly evolving.

The sentence “smart city evaluation system” researched on Google returns 3.490.000 results.

To further verify Smartainability stable adequacy with smart city’s theme, and to test the methodology applicability outside national boundaries, it is realised a comparison between Smartainability methodology and indicators and other assessment procedures which evaluate smart cities performances with their own indicators. Following the analysed studies:

• UNECE-ITU – Smart Sustainable indicators.
• CITYkeys.
• Sharing Cities – Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

The first one is a United Nations’ project and the other two European project.

This deliverable ends with a paragraph including the European Sharing Cities project works developing. RSE is a project partner, leader of Milano city working group involved on deployed technologies evaluation and monitoring (Work Package 8 – Evaluation & Monitoring).

Within this project, Smartainability analysis is been shared with local and global partners to identify project technologies main features, to understand their functionalities and identify the best indicators suitable to evaluate the produced benefits.

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