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Report RSE 17001213

Analysis of the effects of the entry into force of the new electric tariff on italian residential households equipped with a PV plant



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S. Maggiore (RSE SpA)

GESTDOMANDA 2016 - Demand side management


This paper explains the details of the reformation process of the electric tariff for domestic end users in Italy and illustrates the results of the analyses carried out comparing the old tariff to the new one, with specific reference to a type of domestic end user, who can be considered representatives of the whole Italian residential population equipped with a PV plant.

The results show that the “traditional” solution (i.e. based on the use of fossil fuels for cooking, heating and producing hot water) is always more cost effective for a residential customer than the “all electric” one (i.e. in which electricity is used to satisfy all energy demands) with a PV plant with the old tariff; on the contrary, the new tariff allows the “all electric” solution with a PV plant to be both more energetically and economically advantageous than the “traditional” solution.

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