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Report RSE 17000214

Demo systems of the application of the main ICT standards for the implementation of Smart Grid



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E. Bionda (RSE SpA), D. Pala (RSE SpA) , D. Pala (RSE SpA) , G. Proserpio (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2016 - Development and management of distribution networks

The activity has the objective to actually implement the solutions based on ICT standards able to enable interoperability and integration of systems. To this end it has made an integration architecture of systems based on standard CIM accessible to external users to RSE and a solution for the publication of the state of the test facility of generation of distributed RSE expressed both in IEC61850 that in CIM.

The main ICT standards for the implementation of the Smart Grid are defined by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). In particular the reference standard for network automation functions and communication with distributed energy resources is IEC 61850, while for the integration of enterprise services and systems the reference is the CIM data model (IEC 61970/61968). These two standards are the main subject of this report, the objective of which is the concrete demonstration of their implementation in real usage scenarios. The standards listed are in fact significantly complex, and thus frequent problems are the lack of know-how and software tools to facilitate their use. This often results in difficulty of spreading the standards themselves. For this reason, some of the tools described in this document were also distributed under an open source license.

More specifically, the demo applications illustrated in this document are two: the integration of a state estimator within an IEC 61968-compliant service architecture and a data traffic simulation tool associated with the monitoring of distributed generation planned by the CEI 0-16 norm.

Both applications are composed of different software services that communicate via network and that are potentially reusable in different contexts: this includes, in addition to the CIM interface implemented on a state estimator module already available in RSE, a SCADA-like service that publishes measurements in CIM format (collecting them from the field with various protocols, including IEC 61850), a visualization program for drawing and modifying CIM networks, released under an open source license, a program for the automatic configuration of devices compliant with the CEI 0-16 norm starting from a network represented in CIM format, a scalable framework of the IEC 61850 communication simulation of such devices, interfaced to an electrical simulation module (Digsilent) for which a CIM file import module has been implemented.

In the case of state estimation, the software services have been used in the RSE distributed generation Test Facility, while in the second case, the simulation of the IEC 61850 traffic has been implemented on a portion of the medium voltage distribution network of Milan.

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