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Report RSE 17000216

Modeling and experimental assessment of ICT security in smart grids

Analysis and evaluation of communication security in electrical systems. QoS evaluations of IEC 61850 communications with end-to-end security using an ICT network emulator. Development of an IT / OT Technology Platform for ICT Security Monitoring and Cyber Incident Response. Cyber security standards, practices and strategies for the energy systems.

The strategic goal of the RSE research activities on energy cyber security is the development of a multi-disciplinary framework including methods, tools and technologies that can precisely address the evaluation of the security aspects of information and communications in the power system operation. In its second year of development, the cyber security framework, characterized by the synergy of simulation tools and experimental platforms, consists of cyber-power scenarios, ICT architectures, models and platforms used to analyze and evaluate the performance of secure communications in the DER (Distributed Energy Resources) control.

The report presents the results obtained in the reference period, related to the use of the ICT network emulator CORE and the evolution of the technological platform for the ICT security monitoring.

This platform addresses the development of cyber security incident management solutions, responding to the recommendations to the essential service providers stated by the European Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive adopted in July 2016 by the European Parliament.

The research results achieved so far have allowed to provide significant contributions to cyber security strategies for the power sector as well as to the evolution and use of international and national security standards. All framework evaluations, model-based as well as incident prevention and response technology platforms, share a quantitative evaluation method based on communication performance indicators. This is a peculiar feature of the proposed framework allowing to extract detailed information on the application of security standards and to drive the development of suitable technological solutions for the operation of electrical systems.

The cyber security framework methodology can be used in the future to analyse the cyber security of new control scenarios for the flexibility management in power systems.

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