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Report RSE 17000239

Summary of activities carried on Smart Grids at National and European level


The present document reports on activities carried out within EERA, the European Energy Research Alliance developed to coordinate energy research for a low carbon Europe, and in particular within theJoint Program Smart Grids (JPSG).

The document also reports on activities to support industrial initiatives for the development of interactions between Research and Industry worlds and for the promotion of Research and Innovation issues through the national territory.

In particular, the report summarizes the main activities and the results obtained:

− within the Research initiative EERA. Active participation in EERA JPSG has allowed on one hand to highlight the role of Italy as a director for the development of research initiatives and on the other to confirm the harmonization of research carried out in Italy with the UE objectives.
− within the Industrial Initiative Smartgridsitalia, highlighting its contribution as a National Platform in the field of smart grids in the context of the European Platforms, the collaboration with ANIE (Italian Electrical Engineering and Electronic Industry Association) for the drafting of a "Position paper" on smart grids and the development of interactions with companies operating in the smart grid sector
− through the participation in the Lombardy Energy and Environment Cluster LE2C (Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster) and in particular in the Smart Grid Commission, with the development of the Commission's Strategic Plan and the involvement of companies in the research and innovation fields. Participation in the Cluster successfully carried forward from one side in the acquisition of information on policy in the energy sector at regional level - with particular reference to the themes of Research and Innovation - and from the other in having feedback on the needs of the energy sector industrial world, highlighting the contribution of research and possible joint actions for the development of a Smart Energy System.
− within initiatives for the promotion of research and innovation themes in the utility sector. Meeting some of the main Italian Utilities and participating in TOP UTILITY 2017- the survey conducted by Althesys on the performance of the first 100 Italian Utilities - it has been possible to take a picture on the state of technological innovation in major Italian Utilities, analyzing projects and innovative solutions developed both in services and processes. The Data Base containing information on Research and Innovation items in the main Italian utilities developed in last year has been expanded.

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