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Report RSE 16001819

Caratterizzazione, previsione e monitoraggio di eventi meteorologici rilevanti per il sistema elettrico



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G. Decimi (RSE SpA), M. Lacavalla (RSE SpA), P. Marcacci (RSE SpA) , S. Sperati (RSE SpA)

GRID RESILIENCE 2015 - Security and vulnerabilities of the electrical system


The safe operation of the Energy System and in particular the preservation of the Transmission and Distribution infrastructure, cannot leave out a weather forecast system focused on the atmospheric phenomenon that threatens the dispatching of energy. Wet snowfalls and strong winds are the most dangerous phenomena for the overhead power lines. In Italy, the total costs referable to those extreme weather conditions exceed 200 million euros per years, considering the structural damages and the compensation for the electric outages. A weather forecast devoted to predict these types of extreme events, aims to support TSO and DSO to undertake risk reduction strategies through active and passive methods. RSE has developed the integrated forecast and monitoring system named WILD-WOLF, in order to predict the wet snowfalls.

WOLF provides the wet snow overload on overhead lines, whereas WILD allows the verification of weather forecast and wet snow accumulation in a dangerous area for wet snowfall as the south-west part of the Alps. The wet snowfalls occur in tight conditions, when the air temperature is close to 0°C and the liquid water content of snowflakes makes them very sticky. In order to better investigate the wet snow condition, another station has been recently installed in collaboration with TERNA in the municipality of Agordo (BL).

Both experimental stations are used for the verification of a new numerical weather prediction model WRF in testing at RSE. Post processing techniques are under study to improve the forecast system and other efforts are devoted to the characterization of the vertical air temperature profile in wet snow conditions. The heat balance models for the estimation of the anti-icing current and innovative super hydrophobic and icephobic coatings are in testing at the WILD station.

Strong winds are another significant phenomenon for the management of the electricity grid. To characterize the conditions of strong winds in correspondence of the overhead power lines, a static analysis of the distribution tails of the wind provided by the forecast model has been carried out. By studying the tails of the distribution of wind data, the percentiles have been obtained and used to define the alert threshold values.

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