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Report RSE 18000013

Level of contamination of air insulators and monitoring innovative solutions

The report summarizes the activities of monitoring the state of insulators and levels of surface contamination of these, in order to identify tools with which to achieve an improvement in the performance of the air insulation of the network.

The report illustrates the activities carried out within the project "Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid" aimed at the monitoring of the insulators state and of their contamination level. Scope of the work is the setting up of methodologies and techniques for upgrading the performances of the external insulation of the grid.

In particular the carried out activities were:

LANPRIS experimentation and ageing station for insulators: the monitoring of the behavior of polymer isolators or in the presence of different types of coatings was carried out; the experimentation is carried out on 4 types of insulators with three different creepage lengths, reduced compared to normal sizing, to accelerate aging phenomena. 

Device AMICO DC: the level of pollution and the remote adjustment of the system were monitored. A comparison was also made with AC measurements coming from the AMICO II system and with data from insulators installed in the LANPRIS station.

Device McMel: the realization and experimentation in the laboratory of the prototype of the new McMel compact conductance meter (low voltage) was carried out to monitor the level of contamination of insulators.

Monitoring of the level of contamination and degradation of line and station insulators and carrying out laboratory tests of the degradation of insulation taken from lines and stations: analysis of data from monitoring systems (ILCMS) of surface currents installed continued in high-voltage stations and overhead lines and with the analysis of composite isolators taken from the service. The activities are aimed at comparing the deterioration over time, due to the aggressiveness of the environment and the action of solar radiation, of the mitigation solutions adopted.

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