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Report RSE 18000011

Chemical-physical modeling of the aging process of polymeric mater



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L. Barbieri (RSE SpA), A. Barbareschi Villa (RSE SpA), R. Malgesini (RSE SpA) , M. Gondola (RSE SpA)

MON4-GRID 2017 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

The validation of partial discharge simulation codes, the integration with complex chemical models and the test of a novel electric field sensor are carried out.

The electric system is undergoing some radical transformations due to the necessity of guaranteeing a high degree of reliability while embedding a larger component of distributed generation. The number of electrical links is increasing together with the number of critical components such as the insulating ones. Among the many insulating techniques, polymers play a major role, as they are cheap and flexible.The aim of the three-year research project is both the comprehension of the processes of ageing of insulating plastics and the development of new measuring devices.

These latter are intended both for model validation and for being a first step towards some new diagnostic tools. The final goal is to increase strongly the capability of predicting the end of life of key electrical components.In this report three main results have been achieved regarding the analysis of the ageing of insulating components. First, a multi-year effort to enhance the reliability of the numerical predictions of the developed models has been continued through physical validation.

ome new chemical models regarding the degradation of polyethylene have been developed and they will be integrated shortly in the simulation codes. Finally, a fully dielectric sensor for electric field measurements has been tested and characterized. This provides a first step for a family of diagnostic tools that can be integrated effectively in insulating materials.

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