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Report RSE 17006671

Analysis and improvement of modeling systems for simulating insulator contaminatio



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A. Amicarelli (RSE SpA), A. Toppetti (RSE SpA), A. Balzarini (RSE SpA)

MAT4-GRID 2017 - Equipment and components for electricity grids

This report describes the activity related to the surface contamination of the insulators carried out in the modellitco and experimental field, for the purpose of defining a mapping of the severity levels of the Italian territory and of a forecasting system of the deposit on the electrical insulators.

The report describes the activity related to the surface contamination of electrical insulators for overheadtransmission and distribution lines.

This work had a twofold objective: the analysis of the measurement data for validating and upgradingthe preliminary site pollution severity map over Italy, and the definition of a forecast system able toevaluate the deposition of air pollution on the isolator surface with an elapsed time of 72 hours.

The first part of the activity started in 2016 with a two-year measurement campaign (2016-2018) aimedat the characterization of the pollution levels to which insulators are exposed.In this study, ESDD and NSDD measurements samples of the first three measurement campaigns wereanalysed. They covered the time period of September 2016 - August 2017.

Results highlighted some critical issues that were overcome by developing a new algorithm in order toreconstruct the maximum deposition level over the insulators, starting from the ESDD and NSDDmeasurements. In this way, a first comparison between measurement and the site pollution severity maphas been done. The comparison shows a certain agreement between measurements and the map,especially in Southern Italy.

The second part of the activity was focused on the consolidation of the SMOKE-WRF-CAMx modellingsystem that aims at predicting the critical pollution loads to which the electrical insulators are exposed.Dry deposition and precipitation fields were adopted in order to estimate conductivity and, then, ESDDvalues according to the IEC 60815 standards. Results were validated, a posteriori, with theaforementioned measurements.

The system has proved to be adequate for dealing with the problem of the environmental contaminationon insulator surfaces, even though some limits were identified. For this reason, a scientific-technologicalfeasibility study was carried out to investigate the mathematical models, software, resources and impactof the research activities on a multi-scale modelling chain for assessing the pollution level of theoverhead power line insulators.

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