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Report RSE 18000002

Methodologies and Equipment for the Verification and the Improvement of Voltage, Current and Energy Measurements in High Voltage Networks



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C. Laurano (Politecnico di Milano), L. Barbieri (RSE SpA), M. Faifer (Politecnico di Milano), R. Ottoboni (Politecnico di Milano), S. Toscani (Politecnico di Milano), M. Zanoni (Politecnico di Milano), M. Gondola (RSE SpA) , P. Mazza (RSE SpA)

MON4-GRID 2017 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

Improvement of the accuracy of voltage, current and energy in High Voltage networks: development and validation of mathematical models of inductive Voltage Transformers in presence of harmonics and development and characterization of a Stand-Alone Merging Unit prototype with advanced features

The research activity presented in this report aims at the improvement of voltage, current and energy measurements in electricity Transmission and Distribution grid, both locally, focusing on each measuring chain, and globally, at system level.

This goal can be achieved by relying on the availability of Reference Measuring Systems, which can be provisionally installed within the live network using noninvasive methods and without impact on normal system conditions; the results obtained, even if self-standing, shall be considered and evaluated in the framework of a wider and multiannual research path.

The activity performed was focused on the production and characterization of the qualifying components, with particular reference to the Data Acquisition stage, of a prototype of a Stand-Alone Merging Unit with advanced features (S-SAMU), aiming at the improvement of the accuracy of data measured by inductive voltage and current transformers, both at power frequency and in presence of harmonics and other power quality events. This goal is based on the development of mathematical models based on Volterra series, taking into account both the hysteresis and the non-linear behaviour, in frequency and in amplitude, of inductive instrument transformers. Tests were performed in the Italian National Metrological Institute in order to validate the models developed in the research activity.

Laboratory test activities were performed in order to achieve further improvements in the metrological characterization of one among the very few equipment available at international level for the live, on-site verification of the accuracy of voltage, current and, by consequence, energy measurements in High Voltage Networks. The characterization activity aimed in particular at the improvement of the measurement uncertainty component tied to both short and long term stability versus temperature of the reference measuring system.

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