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Report RSE 18002452

Monitoring of European and international activities

Monitoring of the European and international activities related to Energy Storage Systems: SETplan Implementation Plan, ETIP-SNET, EERA, Mission Innovation, Battery Alliance and EMIRI.

Monitoring the international activities aimed at promoting and financing the development of energycomponents and systems, is a commitment that RSE constantly performs to better address its research activity, aligning intent and purpose with the international ones. Starting from 2017 it was decided toformalize this commitment, collecting in a "panoramic" contribution the research and innovationinitiatives in Europe and in the World that specifically focus on the theme of Storage Systems (SS).

Specifically, there are several initiatives concerning research and public funding for SS activities, atinternational level and in Europe, which are monitored by RSE:

• SETplan Implementation Plan, aimed at coordinating the actions and research and innovationinitiatives of each Member State; in particular, action # 7 "Batteries and e-mobility" concerns theSS;
• ETIP-SNET, a European technology platform that brings together the interests of industrial groupsand associations on energy systems; in particular the WG2 "Storage technologies and sectorinterfaces" contributes to defining the research and development themes for SS and for theinteraction between the electrical system and other systems;
• EERA, a European alliance that gathers the interests of universities, research centers andassociations on various topics, among which the JP "Energy Storage" that specifically concerns theSS, but also the JP "Smart Grid" that consider SS as elements of flexibility of the electric system;
• Mission Innovation, a global initiative aimed at doubling the funds dedicated to research anddevelopment on the theme of clean energy by 2020; in particular the Innovation Challenge N.6"Clean Energy Materials" concerns energy materials, including materials for SS, while ChallengeN.1 "Smart Grids" concerns the development of future networks whose reliability requires alwaysmore the flexibility of SS;
• Battery Alliance, an initiative recently created at the behest of the European Community to developthe entire battery supply chain in Europe, from the extraction of raw materials to the application ofbattery systems in the automotive or stationary storage sector, up to recycling and second life;
• EMIRI, an association that brings together the interests of international industrial groups dealingwith energy materials, including storage materials;

RSE is actively involved in each of the initiatives mentioned above. In some cases to support institutions(eg Mission Innovation, SETPlan IP and Battery Alliance), in other cases to extend its network ofcollaborations and contacts with research centers and industry (e.g. EERA, ETIP-SNET, EMIRI andBattery Alliance). As a matter of fact, in this year, RSE staff participated actively in the various abovementioned initiatives.

Some have started during the past three years, such as Mission Innovation,SETPlan IP and Battery Alliance, others have been active for a long time. In any case, all were createdto provide technical and governance support to research in the energy field, in some cases specificallycreated to stimulate the growth of the electrochemical storage industry (Battery Alliance).

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