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Report RSE 18002366

User manual of the GeoSIAM software – Version 2.0


The Integrated System for GeoModeling Analyses (GeoSIAM), initially developed for geothermalstudies coming from a previous system devoted to the numerical modeling of the CO2, has been appliedto the simulation of production processes related to a large number of geothermal sites, also with astrong CO2 contents. The treatment of fluid systems including gas has then suggested to extend theGeoSIAM application to the problems involved in the production and storage of natural gas intogeological reservoirs, with the goal of satisfying all the simulation requirements referred to cycles ofproduction/injection of natural gas, thanks to a complete revision both of the modeling and thecomputational aspects of the modules included in the system, with special reference to the pre and postprocessing modules and to the fluid dynamic analysis modules. The high level of accuracy resultingfrom the fluid dynamic simulations highlighted the need to have available a geomechanical module, ableto consider complex geometries that include formations such as faults, so that in the current release hasbeen included a module specifically oriented to the study of geological structure.

As the consequence,both the module devoted to the 3D mesh generation and the interface modules of the system have beenproperly improved. The user manual has been therefore updated and improved, specially looking for theinnovative aspects not yet furnished and mainly with reference to the restructured modules and the new modules, of course completing these information with the necessary operating instructions for themodules kept unchanged, with the aim of making available to the final user of the system a user’smanual handy and easy to consult.

Therefore the user manual described in the present document, thatbesides includes the essential instructions for the system installation and inlet data generation togetherwith the guidelines of the user graphic interface, represents a powerful tool to perform more quickly allthe phases of the analysis, strongly reducing the possibility of errors, and it can be considered as anindispensable handbook for the user that try to use the GeoSIAM in the current release 2.0 for the firsttime.

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