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Report RSE 15000382

Modeling and measuring the corona in the air with the current transmission applications continues


This report deals with the numerical and experimental techniques that makes possible the comparison between measured and computed currents produced by the injection of charged particles in the air. This phenomenon is also known as corona effect. The corona is one of the mostly studied aspects of the inception of discharges: its relative repeatability and stability has made it one of the most important elements for the comprehension of cold plasma physics. The corona effect has also strong industrial implications: it is considered, along with the surface discharges and the treeing, as one of the partial discharge phenomena.

These latter are the main degradation mechanisms of all the insulations in the power system. Moreover the corona effect also affects large plants such as HVDC power lines. In fact it is a source of electromagnetic disturbs and energy losses. In other words a good comprehension of the corona effect is an important step for estimating both the environmental and electromagnetic compatibility of large electrical plants, such as power lines or conversion substations, and the end of life of insulating elements in general.

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