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Report RSE 15000902

Exploratory campaigns (Intercomparison) on Loop test facility for the development and validation of measurement methods for emissions


"Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE" realised in its Milan facility, an experimental setup called "Loop", for simulation of emissions from steady combustion sources, with the aim of allow new methods experimentations and Proficiency tests implementations (PT).

With the terms "Proficiency Tests" is intended the organisation, implementation and valuation on tests conducted on identical or similar materials by two or more laboratories, following stated conditions. Such comparisons, even if with different goals, protocols and participants, are organised in various scientific contests.

The choice of working with "synthetic" atmospheres using and had hoc experimental plant give the possibility to accomplish two different need: from one side, it guarantee the effluent composition, made using known quantities of pollutants and diluents (oxygen, water vapour, etc.) into an heated air stream; from the other there is no link - for the conduction of tests - with the needs of a real plant that often limit and efficient test implementation.

The report also shows the activities relating to the applicability of the OBAMA Code, through the resolution of failures, the upgrading of existing operating systems and the creation of a Demo version (4.0.1).

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