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Article RSE 14006636

Analysis of the Flexibility of the Application for Energy residential electric energy in Italy


L'Energia Elettrica, vol. 91 N. 4, pp. 19-31, Luglio/Agosto-2014.

S. Maggiore (RSE SpA), L. Mazzocchi (RSE SpA) , L. Barbierato (Tececom Italia), V. Bella (Tececom Italia), F. Bellifemine (Tececom Italia)

EFFICIENZA 2014 - Electricity savings in the fields of civil, industry and services

The article shows the preliminary results of a study about residential energy demand by providing a quantification of the flexibility which can be provided by residential electric energy users in Italy on the basis of data collected by RSE on a sample of 1,000 households in 2011 and 2012.

There is a growing interest towards the possibility of the electric system to maximize its efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy sources using the flexibility of the demand to follow and adapt its amount to the availability of electric energy. The European Commission gives a great importance to the participation of the different types of end users to the future electricity markets, residential end users included; the latter, even though taken singularly offer not so interesting capacities for the system, represent an homogenous cluster whose dimension are bigger with respect to any other cluster.

The rising of a market for smart appliances and heat pumps change the perspectives in this sector and opens the way to the exploitation of such a potential; however, the available information about the amount of such a flexibility are still very scarce. This article presents the preliminary results of the analysis about the residential demand, giving a quantification of the flexibility offered by residential households in Italy, based on the results of the data collected by RSE on a panel of about 1000 families in 2011 and 2012.

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