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Article RSE 14006976

Determination of the share of renewable energy produced in the waste to energy waste


Ingegneria Dell'Ambiente, vol. 1, pp. 65-802014.

R. Guandalini (RSE SpA) , M. Vigano´ (RSE SpA), M. Grosso (Politecnico di Milano)

BIOMASSE 2014 - Electricity from biomass

The paper summarizes the modelling developments that carried out to the OBAMA 4.0 software release as RdS emblematic research product and its features, in order to evaluate in real time and with low cost the amount of renewable energy in WtE plants burning mix of waste of different type and origin

The introduction of the biogenic mass between the renewable energy focused the attention on the energy production related to this resource, for this reason this issue is subject of standardization both at Italian and European framework. The renewable energy produced by WTE plants can be evaluated with a software named OBAMA 4.0 (Optimized Balance Method Application) able to define the biogenic mass content in a waste fuel and to calculate the related fraction of energy obtained from this content.

The software is based on an optimized mass and energy balance model and it is able to interface to the acquisition systems EMS and other information gained from the WTE plant. The possibility of comparing the model response with 14C analysis on flue gas has permitted to obtain an operative instrument related to WTE plants. The radiocarbon analysis performed on real WTE plants have allowed us to validate the software under controlled conditions; the studies were also extended on plants under normal operating conditions using the data set provided by operators collected from the monitoring system.

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