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Paper RSE 14007252

Characterization of sequence of events potentially responsible for the reboot ofultra-broadband telecommunication devices


CIRED 2015 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on ELECTRICITY 15-18, Giugno-2015.

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F. Cucchietti (Telecom Italia), C. Bianco (Telecom Italia), G. Griffa (Telecom Italia), R. Chiumeo (RSE SpA) , L. Tenti (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2015 - Development and management of distribution networks

The paper deals with the evaluation and characterization of voltage dips sequences which, individually, could cause the reboot of the Ultra Broad Band devices of the new Telecom Telecommunication Network, to acquire useful input for a suitable compensation strategy.

The paper deals with the impact of the quality of service of the electric distribution networks on the new generation telecommunication network, which provide the main Italian towns with ultra-broadband services. Telecom Italia has adopted the fibre to the cabinet architecture for its ultra-broadband services, involving tens of thousands of active nodes installed in street cabinets, initially powered through remote DC feeding from Telecom central stations. The increased push towards ultra-broadband coverage requires more energy hungry equipment so feeding from local electrical distribution network has been adopted.

The paper addresses in particular the evaluation and characterization of sequence of voltage dips, which could disrupt the service to clients through the reboot of the ultra-broadband devices installed in the street cabinets, in order to acquire useful input to set a suitable compensation strategy for them (short term storage devices, including super-capacitors), to compensate the most frequent voltage disturbances. The engineering solution adopted by Telecom Italia is based on both the results of RSE statistical analysis and the supply requirements/capabilities of telecom devices to bepowered.

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