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Misure Predittive Tramite Diagnosi su Cavi MT 15-16 , Aprile-2015.

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J. Borghetto (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2015 - Development and management of distribution networks

Presentation of the RSE Company and research Focuses to the operators of the Italian energy sector intervened at the event organized by AMPERE to take stock of the current situation of diagnostics and the innovations introduced at national level on the issue of electricity distribution.

During the event organized by AMPERE, which was attended by some of the main electricity distribution Utilities operating on the national territory of the center north Italy, RSE has presented its structure and the activities of the various researches developed within RdS.

In presenting the company they have not been overlooked strengths such as the presence of laboratories and multidisciplinary analysis of complex issues that determine the way in involving cross skills in the various departments.

They have not been neglected either the various forms of support to the company's financial system by fixing the attention on the role that the company has also at international level thanks to the numerous participations in European projects of strategic importance in the energy sector (and not only). Particular attention was given to illustrate the role of RSE in the projects for which it plays a strategic coordination role.

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