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Presentation RSE 15004677

Surface plasmon resonance and molecular imprinted polymer in a plastic optical fiber. The case of Furfural detection in Power Transformer Oil


PLASMONICA 2015 1-3 , Luglio-2015.

L. De Maria (RSE SpA), N. Cennamo (Seconda Università di Napoli), L. Zeni (Seconda Università di Napoli), M. Pesavento (Università degli Studi di Pavia)

MON4-GRID 2015 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

This work reports an innovative, miniaturized and low cost optical chemical sensor (POF-MIP platform), based on molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) and surface plasmon resonance in a plastic optical fiber (POF) together with preliminary tests for monitoring of furfural (furan-2-carbaldehyde) in transformer oil.

This work presents a new solution for an on line detection of 2-FAL in insulating oil in power transformers. This chemical agent, 2-FAL, is considered one of main indicators of degradation of the solid insulating system (mainly based on cellulose) of power transformers. The proposed optical approach is based on a layer of molecular imprinted polymer (MIP), highly selective for 2-FAL, and on plastic optical fibers (POFs); surface plasmon resonance is exploited as mechanism of 2-FAL detection. This optical sensor has been effectively tested in real oil samples collected from aged electrical equipment, removed from service. The measured 2-FAL concentration is in good agreement with results of high pressure liquid chromatography (HLPC), confirming the good selectivity of the proposed sensor.

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