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Article RSE 15000156

Application of new grid-impacting technologies towards RES exploitation: a pan-European analysis


IEEE PowerTech 2015 29-1, Giugno-Luglio-2015.

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A. L´Abbate (RSE SpA), R. Calisti (RSE SpA), F. Careri (RSE SpA), S. Rossi (RSE SpA)

RETE-TRA 2015 - Evolution and development of the power transmission network

The present paper reports several results related to a pan-European study based on a zonal analysis. This article focuses in particular on the effects and the benefits that technologies such as HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current), large-scale energy storage and Demand Response (DR) may have on the pan-European power system in a scenario framework set for 2020 and 2030 target years.

The present paper reports different results of a pan-European zonal study being carried out in the frame of the European GridTech project. Specific attention is paid on the techno-economic evaluation of the application of innovative grid-impacting technologies towards RES exploitation in the future European system: three main technology categories are addressed.

This paper focuses particularly on the effects and benefits that HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current), bulk energy storage and Demand Response (DR) can provide to the pan-European system, in 2020 and 2030 scenarios.

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