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Article RSE 15001898

Negative prices in the Italian electricity market: risk or opportunity?


Quotidiano Energia , vol. 11 N. 35, pp. 7-12, Febbraio-2015.

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S. Rossi (RSE SpA) , M. Gallanti (RSE SpA)

EVOLRETE 2014 - Evolution and planning of the national electric system

The introduction of negative prices in the Italian electricity market could happen soon, in order to harmonize the technical rules among all European electricity market in the framework of the market coupling. The presentation proposes a general analysis of the potential effects on the Italian electricity market and how they can affect revenues and behaviours of producers and consumers.

General overview of the effect of negative offer prices on the electricity market

• Why generators should offer at a negative price?
• Effect on the electricity market: day-ahead, intraday, ancillary services markets
• Changes in dispatching of renewable sources and priority access
• Risk and opportunity for the market operators and for consumers

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