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Paper RSE 15002871

Selecting an appropriate fuel mix in LCA of energy savings


EXPO 2015 Conference, Rete Italiana LCA for , pp. 186-189, Ottobre-2015.

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P. Girardi (RSE SpA) , P. Brambilla (RSE SpA), A. Gargiulo (RSE SpA)

SMART CITIES 2015 - Smart cities e smart communities

In the study we compare the environmental performances of several energy carriers, by means of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, in order to take into account direct and indirect environmental effect of the energy saving in final uses.

Energy efficiency plays a key role in European sustainable development and climate change Policy. In order to analyse the environmental effectiveness of energy efficiency measures and policy, an appropriate tool is the LCA methodology, taking into account the direct and indirect effects of energy saving, along the entire energy supply chain. In this context, particular attention should be paid to the identification of the energy carriers to be considered in energy savings LCA studies.

In this paper we demonstrate that the choice of an appropriate fuel mix has a relevant influence on final LCIA results, that vary between 11% (e.g. for greenhouse gases emissions), and more than 100% (e.g. for air acidification), when applied both to average saved energy (heat or electricity) and to a specific energy saving measure (in our case, lighting in the residential sector).

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