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Article RSE 15004488

Energy Efficiency: review of innovative technologies


TuttoNormel, vol. 8, pp. 3-9, Agosto-2015.

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W. Grattieri (RSE SpA)

CONVENERGIA 2015 - Small energy conversion plants

This article provides a brief overview of technologies deemed capable of giving the greatest contribution to achieving these objectives.The paper reports the contents of the presentations made by RSE by participating in Tuttonormel training courses.

In Italy in the last 50 years electricity has seen significantly increase its market share compared to other energy sources, however, this trend does not seem to be exhausted. The scenario studies conducted by RSE fact indicate that, in the wake of the decarbonisation of European policies, this trend should continue for the coming years, which will be marked by the emergence of new end uses of electricity and the further penetration of the so-called obliged electrical uses.

Energy and environmental sustainability of such a development will necessarily be ensured by economic and efficient technologies that meet consumer expectations in terms of comfort and productivity.

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