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Article RSE 15006964

Smartainability® Smart Cities’ sustainability


AEIT, vol. 3, pp. 20-26, Marzo-2015.

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P. Girardi (RSE SpA) , A. Negri (RSE SpA) , A. Temporelli (RSE SpA), G. Zavatta (EXPO2015)

SMART CITIES 2015 - Smart cities e smart communities


The site of Expo 2015 aims to be an example of technological citadel. It will be built on 5 levels of infrastructure designed in an integrated manner. and equipped with the latest "smart, or capable of offering better services, more accessible and more numerous than traditional technologies. But smart technologies can really create environmental benefits, energy, economic, and social? Really they offer better performance than those already present in the city? And 'it justified invest in these technologies?

O answer these questions RSE has developed a new method of assessment: smartainability®.

The developed method includes the technique of analysis of technology and traditional smartand the definition of the areas in which to measure the performance (economy, environment, energy, quality of life through) indicators.

For each level of the technological infrastructure of the site we are identified smart technologies that are then analyzed in order to understand what features enable or whatallow to do and how, either alone or in synergy with other technologies for each feature identifies the benefits produced in four areas covered by the analysis and for each benefit, you identify the respective performance indicators (eg emissions di- particulate matter, acid gases carbon -anidride).

The project Smartainability, still underway, is developed on the case of the citadel Expo. The methodology, appropriately extended, can give indications of possible technologies for future cities.

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