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Article RSE 15005134

The evaluation of the origin of voltage dips monitored in the MV network


L’Energia Elettrica, vol. 92 N. 3, pp. 37-45, Maggio/Giugno -2015.

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R. Chiumeo (RSE SpA) , L. Garbero (RSE SpA) , F. Malegori (RSE SpA), L. Tenti (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2015 - Development and management of distribution networks

The evaluation of the origin of the voltage dips in MV networks takes on particular importance from the point of view of a possible disturbance regulation. The paper describes the evaluation methods used for survey activities in the research field.

The evaluation of voltage dips in MV networks is one of the most common monitoring practice adopted by the TSOs. In this contest the evaluation of their origin, downstream or upstream from the point of measurement, assumes a particular importance in the frame of a possible future regulation of this disturbance, which is by now monitored broadly by the national monitoring system of all the primary substations.

The paper deals with the events origin evaluation methods which have been employed for survey purpose for many years by RSE in the Ricerca di Sistema framework, pointing out the pros and cons.

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