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Paper RSE 15005221

Benefits of green walls: on field measurement and dynamic simulation


8th Mediterranean Congress of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (CLIMAMED 15) 10-11 , Settembre-2015.

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F. Bazzocchi (RSE SpA), L. Croci (RSE SpA)

CONVENERGIA 2015 - Small energy conversion plants

An application of vertical green on an office building located in Genoa is analyzed from the point of view of energy benefits. The monitoring system and dynamic building simulation results are described.

The use of vegetation can be an interesting answer to the problems of redevelopment in dense urban areas: it acts on air quality, and it also improves the perception of space with positive psychological and social effects. In particular, a possible use of vegetation can be the green wall, which consists in a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing medium, such as soil. One of the benefits indicated for such installation is the improvement of indoor comfort and, meanwhile, of energy performance of the building envelope.

RSE is performing a monitoring campaign on a building retrofitted with a green wall in order to obtain an evaluation of these benefits based on objective data, such indoor thermal conditions and outdoor climate conditions. The article describes in details the measurement system installed and shows results of the simulation performed with EnergyPlus in order to study the effect of the green wall and to test different configurations. Results highlight the benefits of this solution during the summer period, when the green wall shades the facade from solar radiation.

Results obtained from the simulation will also allow a comparison with on field measured data, that will be available at the end of one year monitoring period.

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