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Article RSE 15010310

The role of the cost-benefit analysis in the development of the European transmission network


L'Energia Elettrica 1590-7651, vol. 92 N. 5, pp. 29-42, Settembre/Ottobre-2015.

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G. Migliavacca (RSE SpA)

RETE-TRA 2015 - Evolution and development of the power transmission network

This article outlines the cost-benefit analysis by ENTSO-E, recently adopted by the European Commission, in the context of the European regulation and highlighting its complementarity with respect to the methodology elaborated by the research project e-Highway2050.

The article presents an introduction to the cost-benefit analysis methodology (CBA) adopted by ENTSO-E for transnational interconnection corridor development projects and implemented in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan, a document that is issued every two years with the aim to identify the needs for the development of trans-European networks in the short to medium term.

We also briefly introduce the methodology recently formulated by the e-Highway2050 project for the analysis of the costs and benefits of interconnection corridors and energy highways over a very long period of time (2050), highlighting how this lies in a complementary logic to that of ENTSO-E considering the various approaches to long-term analysis.

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