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Article RSE 15010299

Medium-voltage networks and components smarter and more reliable: The role of optical technologies in the future of electrical distribution networks


Quotidiano Energia 23, vol. 232 Anno 11 , pp. 5, Dicembre-2015.

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L. De Maria (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2015 - Development and management of distribution networks

Research and development of optical sensors for monitoring chemical and physical parameters in electrical equipment.

Main requirement to allow the development of Smart Grid is the possibility to acquire in real time and in a capillary way information on the effective conditions of electric components of a T&D network, to check their correct functionality.

Sensor integration in electric components is therefore more and more attractive aimed at monitoring either electric parameters or chemical indicators of deterioration performances in the component.

This paper summarizes main results of RSE activity focused on new sensors type based on optical methodologies. In fact these techniques provide high immunity to e.m.noise, chemical inertness, which are intrinsic advantages with respect to standard methods.

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