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Presentation RSE 18000243

The INSPIRE-Grid project - Improved and enhanced stakeholder participation in reinforcement of the electric grid


6th InnoGrid2020+ Annual Conference 26-27 , Giugno-2017.

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S. Maran (RSE SpA)

RETE-TRA 2016 - Evolution and development of the power transmission network

The presentation illustrates the main results of the INSPIRE-Grid project, with particular reference to the development of methodologies to integrate social and environmental aspects in decision-making processes.

We all rely on the power transmission and distribution system in our daily lives; the European Commission, recognizing its importance, has inserted the Energy Union in the top ten priorities for Europe. One of the essential pillars of the European strategy is in fact the development of an efficient electricity grid and the European Commission has set a target of 10% electricity interconnection by 2020 for each European country.

Notwithstanding its importance, work to develop and enhance the underlying infrastructure often arouses strong opposition in the affected communities. In response to this issue, the INSPIRE-Grid project was launched in 2013 by RSE with the aim to increase stakeholder engagement in grid expansion projects, better manage conflicts, and speed up the permitting process.

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