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Report RSE 17002199

Geological and numerical modeling of the industrial process of natural gas storageapplied to a real depleted tank


The purpose of this research was to study, through numerical simulations, the industrial process of storing and withdraw gas in deep reservoirs.

In detail, the methodology developed for the characterization of a natural gas storage site has been applied to a real area called "Sergnano virtuale" located in Lombardy near the Sergnano Storage Concession.

The developed methodology involves the collection of information about the geological formations present on the site investigated, the creation of the static 3D geological model and the corresponding 3D fluid dynamics model.

The geological and seismological features have been thoroughly analyzed for the site being investigated. From the analyzes carried out, it emerges that in the area investigated the reservoir suitable for housing gas storage is located in the Sergnano gravel formation consisting of sand, gravel, conglomerates with sometimes thin clay interlacing while the caprock is identified in the above formation of the clay of the ‘Argille di Santerno’.

For the study area, the available data made possible to generate an accurate static 3D geological model. Subsequently, integrating this geological model with information on well structures, and using the GeoSIAM Geometric Analysis Integrated System, the corresponding 3D Fluid Dynamic Model was developed. Starting from this model, the numerical simulations designed to reconstruct the natural steady state of the geological reservoir were first realized and then, using all available wells, production and storage cycles of natural gas were reproduced. The simulations have demonstrated the sustainability of gas extraction/injection cycles in terms of compliance with the safety conditions associated with their respective decreases/increases of pressure values.

In general, the results obtained have fully demonstrated the validity of the methodology developed and the reliability of the tools used to address the geological and fluid dynamics problems related to the storage of natural gas.

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