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Report RSE 17002202

Multi-criteria studies applied to natural gas reservoirs


The Report aims to describe the methodological approach to be used in the frame of the industrialprocess of natural gas storage in deep geological reservoirs, in order to assess its safety and possiblybetter exploitation by overpressure storage, by a multi criteria analysis.

In order to reach such goal, it is required to gather all the information concerning storage fields, so toproperly characterize the reservoir, the plants and the infrastructures involved in the gas fieldexploitation.

Such information will be used to calculate the indicators describing the safety aspects related to naturalgas storage sites, by a multi criteria approach (AMC) and supported by adequate software.In this scenario, SESAMO software has been identified as a proper tool allowing to develop the analyses.The software SESAMO is a tool for supporting decision, powered by RSE, was tested in the frame ofR&D past activities for different purposes.

In order to apply the here presented methodology, it is necessary to detect some specific evaluationcriteria to be organized into a so-called evaluation tree, for evaluating the performance of deep reservoiroperating in overpressure conditions. Depending on the data availability, it will be possible to apply thedefined methodology to a specific case study on national territory.

The study itself is original, in fact no similar studies were carried out before, on a national scale, by thisapproach.

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