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Report RSE 17000266

Integrated Atlas basic version implementation and construction of specific maps



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G. Stella (RSE SpA), A. Danelli (RSE SpA), J. Alterach (RSE SpA), F. Colucci (RSE SpA), L. Serri (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2016 - Development and management of distribution networks


The Integrated Atlas for the electrical system has been conceived by RSE as a unique and useful product for various stakeholders (from policy makers to utilities, from the research to the society). The idea is to collect and make available in an interactive web tool geographically distributed information about the geopolitical features of the territory, the renewable resources availability, the renewable energy exploitation, the characteristics of electrical system and telecommunications infrastructure. Once available, this tool will represent a starting platform for developing specific applications, for example in the field of distributed generation and smart grids.

The report describes the activities carried out with regard to the implementation of the basic version of the Integrated Atlas. This version allows the access to a large number of information at national level, albeit with different spatial resolution, organised in the following clusters:

• Physical and political cartography (orography, bathymetry, administrative borders, territorial waters, continental platform, Exclusive Economic Zones).
• Resources: maps of the renewable resources (wind, marine, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric - including pumping -, biomass) for the purpose of electricity production.
• Geographic distribution of renewable energy plants in the territory: aggregation of data at municipal, provincial and regional level.
• Infrastructure: telecommunication network: aggregation of data at municipal level. • Constraints and environmental, risk assessment and socio-economic aspects: Protected Areas, Protected Marine Areas, socio-economic indicators for the population, land use, electricity consumption.

A GIS platform has been prepared to contain and overlap all the data both from a geographic and a representative point of view. Geoprocessing preparatory operations such as geo-referencing, reprojection and classification have been also carried out to prepare information for WebGIS implementation.

In parallel, a construction / refinement of specific maps concerning the hydroelectric resource (including pumping) and the geothermal resource have been conducted in order to enrich the Integrated Atlas startup database. These maps together with the telecommunication network one have been included in the basic version.

Starting from the basic version of the Integrated Atlas, already equipped with all navigation features and interfacing with the open map web services (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap), some specific applications based on ,i.e., multiple queries can be developed for statistical purpose and/or replicability studies.

During the next year of research, the basic version will be finalized to provide evaluation elements concerning the development of the distributed generation and related services, looking at a possible evolution of the local management of the energy system.

Starting from information already present in the current database, specific indicators and features will be used to provide general information on the energy development stage of the urban districts to foster a possible transition to an autonomous energy management.

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