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Article RSE 16081794

Markers Detection in Transformer Oil by Plasmonic Chemical Sensor System Based on POF and MIPs


IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 6 N. 21, pp. 7663-7670, Novembre-2016.

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L. Zeni (Seconda Università di Napoli), N. Cennamo (Seconda Università di Napoli), L. De Maria (RSE SpA), C. Chemelli (RSE SpA) , A. Profumo (Università di Pavia), M. Pesavento (Università di Pavia)

MON4-GRID 2016 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

Development of a multichannel system of chemical sensors based on molecular-imprinted polymers (MIP) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR), for the simultaneous determination of two analytes, dibenzyldisulfide (DBDS) and furfural (2- FAL), whose presence in the transformer oil indicate corrosive processes or aging in progress, respectively.

We present a multichannel optical chemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) in a D-shaped plastic optical fiber (POF), for simultaneous determination of two important analytes, dibenzyl disulfide, and furfural, whose presence in the transformer oil is an indication of underway corrosive or ageing processes, respectively, in power transformers.

Furthermore, an investigation on the dependence of performances of this optical platform on the gold film thickness is reported. The low cost, highly selective, and sensitive performance of the SPR-POF-MIP platforms and the simple and modular scheme of the optical interrogation layout make this system a potentially suitable on-line diagnostic tool for power transformers.

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