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Il fotovoltaico a concentrazione: lo stato dell’arte

The applied development and research activities of the photovoltaic concentration technology (CPV) along with the regulatory developments are described. The various European research initiatives carried out by our Country in pushing ahead the CPV technology are indicted as well.

Concentration photovoltaic technology (CPV) is still heavily a matter of development and research activities. In spite of the fact that the CPV is still far of being a standard product ( it is possible to find both reflexive and refractive optics technologies and different module’s design), the cost of systems continues to decrease and the development activities show the potential for the competitiveness in the next 5-10 years. Multijunction photovoltaic cells have achieved efficiency values over 46%, while the maximum efficiency of the CPV modules is around 39%. From a regulatory point of view, considerable work has been developed to ensure CPV system reliability and to establish how power and energy performance have to be determined. Our country is present in various European research initiatives pushing ahead the CPV technology.

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