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Report RSE 16001660

Preparazione e caratterizzazione di film trasparenti e conduttivi per applicazioni in dispositivi di protezione sotto tensione


In the field of electrical live lines working (LLW), the issue of development and reliability of appropriate protective equipment to ensure operator safety when operating on live lines and high voltage conductors is of particular relevance. In this context, RSE activities have been devoted to the preparation and characterization of transparent and conductive films for applications in visors for protective devices for live line working.

Nanoscale thickness films composed of transparent and conductive oxides (ITO), of ultra-thin metal or of an oxide/metal (Ag, Au, Cr, Ti) multilayer combination were deposited on glass and on polycarbonate substrates.

Rapporto 16001660 Pag. 4/26 The deposition technique (evaporation with electron beam and ion beam assistance - IBAD) allows the preparation of oxides with excellent conductivity and transparency at room temperature without any further heat treatment, therefore it is adequate to plastic flexible and low weight substrates.

Optical and electrical properties of samples were measured, with specific reference to the requirements imposed by the standard IEC 60895 for the conductive suits for live line working in high voltages. Some of the produced oxide/metal multilayers meet the prescribed requirements of electric field shielding efficiency, conductivity and transparency, and therefore may be applicable to conductive and transparent visors for such suits.

Further investigation is needed to complete the characterization, as for example the adhesion of the film to the substrate, the resistance to scratches and environmental agents. It will also be necessary to verify the performance of the complete suit in which prototypes of visors will be inserted.

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