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Report RSE 18000009

Conversion of overhead lines from c.a. a.c.c .: experimental characterization of polymer isolators and model validation tests for the calculation of ion currents of HVDC lines

Studies and tests related to the use of hybrid transmission lines, environmental impact analysis and experimental tests of components for use in overhead transmission lines in DC.

The presented activities have evaluated the opportunities for conversion of the AC lines into DC ones and some related problems have been examinated.

After analyzing the mutual influence due to the electric field related to the installation in the same corridors of AC and DC-powered conductors, we focused on understanding whether this influence could have an impact on the control system and the possible mitigation.

The activity also saw the natural continuation of the modelling of the acoustic phenomena and of the ionic currents generated by the DC lines in which, in the first case, a good ripening phase was achieved, while in the case of ionic currents, in consideration of the highly conservative design parameters if defects on conductors are not present, the displacement of charges are relevant to those are already present in the air.An intense experimental activity was carried out, which saw the application of two test cycles (from 2000 hours each) in which specific isolators for DC lines underwent an aging process able to simulate the component end of life.

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