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Paper RSE 16004929

Optimisation and control of an integrated system with heat pump and hybrid solar panels



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L. Croci (RSE SpA) , S. Viani (RSE SpA), F. Bazzocchi (RSE SpA)

CONVENERGIA 2016 - Small size plants for energy conversion

An integrated system for air conditioning and for the production of efficient and renewable domestic hot water, designed and developed by RSE, with hybrid solar panels and heat pump, is described. The results of the energy monitoring of three different types of hybrid solar panels, the heat pump and a wastewater heat recuperator are illustrated.

Due to new buildings efficiency requirements, heat pump systems are emerging as a sustainable way to reduce yearly residential energy consumption, so much that also integrated solutions with renewable sources have been investigated. An example is the combination of the heat pump with solar collectors (SAHP). Because of the complexity of this kind of systems, how to match and harmonize components together with right control logics remains the main matter.

In this study, an integrated system consisting of an air/water heat pump and different kinds of solar collectors, which provide domestic hot water to a storage tank, was investigated. Performances of standard photovoltaic panels, hybrid PV/T and solar flat plate collectors have been compared. The experimental system, called SINCLER, was realized by RSE in the city of Terni. In this paper results from the experimental measured data will be presented, with particular attention to control dynamics.

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