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Article RSE 16082292

Integration of power quality data into the Cim model


Quotidiano Energia, 30 , vol. 12 N. 2016, pp. 10-11, Novembre-2016.

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R. Chiumeo (RSE SpA) , D. Pala (RSE SpA) , L. Tenti (RSE SpA), E. Bionda (RSE SpA), G. Proserpio (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2016 - Development and management of distribution networks

A useful tool for distributors. The demonstrator developed by RSE.

Demonstrator who integrates the Power Quality information in the semantic reference model for the CIM electrical system and allows its visualization, in a web environment, in association with other topological and cartographic information of interest provided by the same reference model. The architectural style of the demonstrator is that of an architecture of microservices that can interact with each other to allow a distributor to control its networks from a single access point (website). The data of Power Quality are provided by the QuEEN system while the topology used is that of the Milan network of Unareti SpA.

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