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Presentation RSE 17000137

Optimal operation of medium-voltage AC networks with distributed generation and storage devices


Fourth International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Optimization , 2-5, Gennaio-2017.

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P. Pisciella (Università di Bergamo), G. Viganò (RSE SpA), D. Moneta (RSE SpA) , M. T. Vespucci (Università di Bergamo)

RETE-DIS 2016 - Evolution and development of distribution networks

The presentation describes the optimal operation of medium-voltage AC networks made by the Optimization Tool developed in collaboration with the University of Bergamo. The advanced OPF tool merge the centralized functionalities with the local droop control of generators, the constraints of minimum current of the line and advanced shape of the capability of generators. The presentation show the basic mathematical principle and examples of application in a realistic network. In particular it shows the pros and cons of the different control schemes: centralized, local and hybrid.

The presentation deals with the problem of optimal operation of active MV distribution networks, with the participation of distribute generation and storage devices:

• Motivation and objectives
• Mathematical model
• Solution method
• Numerical testingThe contribution shows results of simulation on realistic networks and discuss their sensitivity on main parameters.

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