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Presentation RSE 17001120

Modern meteorology to support the operators of the electrical system


AEIT I Piani di Emergenza e la Resilienza del sistema elettrico, 24, Marzo-2017.

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M. Lacavalla (RSE SpA), P. Marcacci (RSE SpA) , R. Bonanno (RSE SpA)

GRID RESILIENCE 2016 - Security and vulnerabilities of the electrical system

The RSE response through the development of weather forecast systems, monitoring of extreme weather events and mitigation solutions.

In recent years there has been an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme events on Italian territory. These severe events make the electrical system more vulnerable and in some cases long and prolonged electrical disruption can occur. In addition, other atmospheric phenomena such as violent cloudburst often associated with tornadoes or heat waves can cause serious problems in exercising in safety of the electrical system. RSE has started a research activity to support electrical system operators through sophisticated weather forecasting systems that can alert and alert sufficiently in advance.

RSE has also provided monitoring systems for snow phenomena in areas where the phenomena are particularly significant through innovative meteorological stations and ice accretion monitoring systems. RSE is looking for mitigation solutions through the study of anti-icing currents and passive-type solutions through the conductive coating of ice-phobic coatings that allow delay or detachment of the sleeves.

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