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F. Trespidi, A. Malchiodi, F. Farina, Note: Photoluminescence measurement system for multi-junction solar cells, Review of Scientific Instruments, 0034-6748/2017/88(5)/056104/3/$30.00, vol. 056104, pp. 88-90, Maggio-2017. Article Power System Research
Altri Autori, A. Pitto, Research on Common-Mode and Dependent (CMD) Outage Events in Power Systems - A Review, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, SSN0885-8950, vol. 32 N. 2, pp. 1528-1536, Marzo-2017. Article Power System Research
S. Maran, The INSPIRE-Grid project - Improved and enhanced stakeholder participation in reinforcement of the electric grid, 6th InnoGrid2020+ Annual Conference 26-27 , Giugno-2017. Presentation Power System Research
J. Alterach, G. Bruno, P. Federici, A. Danelli, Underground Hydro Pumped Storage Potential Assessment in Italy, 4th Annual Advanced Hydropower Generation and Pumped Storage Forum 27-28, Gennaio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
M. Scagliotti, Relevant standards for the injection in the natural gas network and for direct use in automotive, Biometano Day Il biometano in tutti gli scenari di utilizzo3, Marzo-2016. Presentation Power System Research
F. Trespidi, M. Pasini, F. Galeotti, Breath Figure-Assisted Fabrication of Nanostructured Coatingon Silicon Surface and Evaluation of Its Antireflection Power, Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Nanomaterials , vol. 3502310, pp. 1-8, Marzo-2016. Article Power System Research
B. Bessagnet, G. Pirovano, M. Mircea, C. Cuvelier, A. Aulinger, G. Calori, et al., Presentation of the EURODELTA III intercomparison exercise – evaluation of the chemistry transport models’ performance on criteria pollutants and joint analysis with meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10.5194/acp-16-12667-2016, pp. 12667–12701, Ottobre-2016. Article Power System Research
G. M. Bedogni, G. Riva, A. Toppetti, G. Pirovano, N. Pepe, A. Balzarini, et al., Application of hybrid modelling system for the evaluation of NOx and PM10 concentration in an urban area., PM2016 - Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico17-20 , Maggio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
C. Colombi, V. Gianelle, S. Gilardoni, A. Meroni, V. Poluzzi, G. Riva, et al., Innovative approaches for organic aerosol modelling: the Po Valley case study, PM2016 - Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico 17-20 , Maggio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
F. Spagnoli, G. Giuliani, P. Penna, G. Ciceri, V. Martinotti, AMERIGO: a lander for biogeochemical studies of marine benthic systems, , Febbraio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
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