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RSE freely downloadable documents:


Covers the major organizational rules for the proper functioning of the Company. In particular, the statute defines the object, the powers and the role of the corporate bodies made ​​by the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Bord of Statutory Auditors.

Download (PDF) the Statute of RSE

Ethical Code

Identifies the ethical guidelines on which the Company is based  relavant to social and ethical responsibilities of each participant in the company. It also shows the principles of behaviour and ethics that any director, employee or collaborator of RSE must respect in relationships with others, both inside the company and in its relations with third parties.

Download (PDF) Ethics Code of RSE

Organizational Model (D. Lgs. 8 giugno 2001 n.231)

Indicates the measures, taken by RSE, to prevent crimes committed by persons who are representatives, administration or management of the Company and/or persons under the direction or supervision of the latter when the interest or advantage of the Company is demostrate.
The Ethical Code, Guidelines, Specific Sections, Procedures and the Disciplinary are integral part of the Organizational Model. A Supervisory Board was appointed with the principal task of ensuring compliance with the Model.
For reports on the Organizational Model write to "Supervisory Body" that collects information relating to the consummation of offenses under the Decree in relation to the RSE activity, or  to behaviours not consistent with the rules behaviours adopted by RSE and the Group.

Download (PDF) the Organizational Model of RSE.

Disciplinary Code

Defines a system of penalties applicable to infringements of the rules adopted by the Company against any director, employee or collaborator of RSE. The disciplinary system is an essential requirement of the Model for the exemption with respect to the responsability of the Company. The actual imposition of disciplinary sanctions is regardless of the outcome of any criminal proceedings, as the rules of conduct imposed by the organizational model are assumed by the Company in full autonomy, regardless of illicit any conduct that may determine, in accordance with the laws and contractual obligations.

Download (PDF) the Disciplinary Code of RSE


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