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EU MERCI New benchmark set in industrial efficiency

EU MERCI New benchmark set in industrial efficiency

The closing conference of the project implemented under the coordination of RSE was held in London on the 23rd of January. The event provided an overview of the database gathering data on about 3,000 energy efficiency projects implemented in European countries. All the good practices selected and highlighted are real-life ones, which, as such, can provide a clear indication about the projects’ technical and financial feasibility

Identifying a number of good practices for energy efficiency in the industrial sector to support the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive: definitely not an easy challenge, brilliantly taken up by the EU-MERCI project –whose acronym stands for EU coordinated MEthods and procedures based on Real Cases for the effective implementation of policies and measures supporting energy efficiency in the Industry.

The project – funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme - was coordinated by RSE, which successfully managed to establish an authoritative presence in the intricate world of European research focusing on industrial efficiency.

The project’s closing conference held in London on the 23rd of January highlighted many remarkable point, first and foremost, the fact that all the good practices included are real-life cases that can provide a clear, reliable indication on the projects’ technical and financial feasibility.

As pointed out by EU MERCI coordinator Simone Maggiore, “Further validation was achieved on the field, which strengthened the project’s results and allowed us to export the good practices to sectors other than those that they were originally implemented in, thus producing useful recommendations on how to improve incentive schemes and policies”.

The conference also featured an overview of the EIEEP platform’s new sections developed under EU-MERCI: the database includes over 3,000 energy efficiency projects, and grants access to useful documentation providing a description of European industry’s structure and of the technological processes used in a variety of sectors.

“The database – Anna Realini added - “can be browsed to get a full description of the projects implemented, featuring baseline consumption and savings achieved alongside energy, environmental and financial performance levels. It is the most powerful tool of its kind freely accessible to external users”.

EU-MERCI has achieved full support at a European and international level, which once again testifies to the strong interest in industrial energy efficiency and to the leading role gained by RSE on the field… in this field!

For further info on EU-MERCI, please contact Simone Maggiore

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