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EuroDish Solar Generator

The EuroDish solar generator converts the concentrated solar radiation intoelectric energy via a Stirling thermodynamic cycle. It has a nominal powercapacity of 10 kWe at 1,000 W/m² of Direct Normal Insolation  more

Combustion Processes Emission Simulation Facility (LOOP)

The emission gas generating metrological plant (called Loop) is a close windtunnel, with a 45 m perimeter and a stainless steel duct (external insulated,internal diameter: 273 mm); it is made of two opposite straight segments joinedtwo other ones including inlet/outlet bends  more

End-use Energy Efficiency and Home Automation Facility

The laboratory consists of two prefabricated buildings, called “Casetta 3” and“Casetta 4”, identical both in size (about 60 m2) and building characteristics,internally divided into four rooms, in order to simulate a single-family houseand its energy consumption  more